Delightful Rain
The Story

This remarkable book, “Waltzing The Plank” by surf music historian and author, Stephen McParland, played a vital part in the research for “Delightful Rain”.

We strongly recommend it to all surf music enthusiasts. You won’t find a better, more detailed or informative record of Australian surf music. It simply doesn’t exist. And never will. “Waltzing The Plank” is the bible.

David Minear & Kerryn Tolhurst.

(A4 size - 500 pages including 78 pages of photos and 24 full colour pages of LP, EP, CD, Video, DVD and record labels. Also includes a full colour soft cover and index)

Here in one cohesive form is a detailed look at the phenomenon of Australian Surf Music, an all-encompassing musical genre that reflects the Australian fascination with and love of the beach and its associated lifestyle. Divided into two parts - "The First Wave" and "The Second Wave" - detailing the respective eras of 1963-1965 and 1966-2003 respectively, WALTZING THE PLANK presents all the facts and trivia in a variety of separate sections that not only cover LP, 45rpm, CD, video and DVD releases, but a detailed look at the musical genre itself and the recording artists (and associated personnel) responsible for producing and promulgating the concept of Australian Surf Music. Also included is a comprehensive documentation of the "Stomp" dance craze; surfing films and their home grown soundtracks; the 100% Mambo Battle Of The Surf Bands and glossaries of the surfing vernacular, including specific indigenous terms.

Contents include:
Surfin' Sounds Downunder/Stomp, Stomp, Stompin' Australia Way/Surfin' South Of The Border/Surfin' Wax 1/The A-Z Of Australian Surf Music 1/Detailed Biographies & Discographies 1/Surfaspeak 1/Americana Vinylrama/Surfing Celluloid/100% MAMBO Battle Of The Surf Bands 1986-1989/Surfin' Wax 2/The A-Z Of Australian Surf Music 2/Detailed Biographies & Discographies 2/Surfaspeak 2/Reissued Material/Photo captions/Index, etc.

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