Delightful Rain
The Story
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For the DELIGHTFUL RAIN project, this version of The Dan Rumour Band features two members of The Cruel Sea (Dan Rumour and Jim Elliott) and two members of The Wild Pumpkins at Midnight (Nick Larkins and Michael Turner), a quartet of versatile and experienced musicians whose musical product is very much Cruel Sea in sound and style (sans Tex Perkins). This is how The Cruel Sea began.
As a surfer, musician, writer, photographer and filmmaker, it is not surprising that Kidman’s world is very much aquatically influenced, a fact not always overtly obvious in his music, but his creative exploits in the other mediums leave no doubt that the ocean and surfing are important to him.
Former professional surfer, Beau Young (the son of Australian surfing legend Nat Young) embarked on a musical career as an extension of his love of surfing and the lifestyle associated with it. His blend of folk, rock and acoustic sounds has produced a style he is comfortable with, an “edgier take on surf music” to quote one scribe.
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