Delightful Rain
The Story
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More well-known as a blues guitarist, Turner’s involvement in the DELIGHTFUL RAIN project as a member of The Angry Tradesmen is an excellent example of the eclectic nature of contemporary Australian surf music. Although Turner’s involvement in DELIGHTFUL RAIN may well be a musical seachange for him, he ironically was well represented on the soundtrack CDs for the successful ABC-TV coastal based series SEACHANGE as both a member of The Backsliders (3 tunes) and his own band Supro (one tune)!
Australia’s punk godfathers, The Rifles have been producing their brand of uncompromising material ever since their surf music influenced BUT JACQUES, THE FISH EP launched them into the contemporary music market some 20 plus years ago. And who can forget their performances as Sandy Piles And The Beach Bums at the first three 100% Mambo Battle of The Surf Bands, circa 1986-1988!
Although only two of this family unit – brothers Steve and Alan - are represented here, nothing is diminished musically! Their own original brand of “saltwater” sound, a musical symbiosis of earthy harmonies and acoustic guitars, perfectly captures the spirit of their coastal hometown of Broome and the expansive Kimberley region of Western Australia.
Although commercially successful since their inception in 1984, it was not until the release of Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) that the group secured for themselves a sound with a totally Australian theme. By this time, they had scored the soundtrack to Quicksilver’s 1987 surf film MAD WAX (while also being musically represented in the American surf film WAVE WARRIORS), a musical coup that was to establish for them a huge fan base in surf crazy Brazil. Group member Mark Callaghan and various other group members occasionally re-emerge as the “surf” band The Riptides, a sort of musical alter ego of GANGgajang.
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