Delightful Rain
The Story
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Formerly known as The Sunsets and before that The Four Strangers, The Shud have been indelibly linked with music about the beach and the surfing lifestyle for over 40 years. Their progressive sound continues to entertain, just as the waves continue to roll shoreward.
A true Australian troubadour, Richard Clapton’s career is not only studded with a series of impressive hits, but boasts a legacy of understanding the surfing lifestyle, something he has continued to imbue in his music ever since penning six of the ten tunes featured on the soundtrack to Steve Otton’s 1976 surfing film HIGHWAY ONE.
As drummer and songwriter with Midnight Oil, Hirst established for himself a formidable reputation, something that has continued to grow via his more singular musical pursuits, the results of which are amply evident in his contributions to the DELIGHTFUL RAIN project under the group name of The Angry Tradesmen. 
It was Rotsey’s atmospheric instrumental Wedding Cake Island (penned in collaboration with Jim Moginie) that was responsible for launching the successful recording career of Midnight Oil. Together with fellow group member Robbie Hirst, Rotsey has joined forces with Backsliders’ founder Dom Turner to create The Angry Tradesmen, a dynamic trio whose take on contemporary surf music combines the various elements of each member’s musical journeys.
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