Delightful Rain
The Story

  While Young and Kidman have traveled a musical path outside of the mainstream, two other DELIGHTFUL RAIN alumni, Dan Rumour and Jim Elliott, have enjoyed a much more commercial journey. As half of the original Cruel Sea lineup (pre-Tex Perkins), the duo enjoyed the accolades of continued chart success throughout the 80’s and ‘90s.

  Like Midnight Oil, GANGgajang and The Celibate Rifles, The Cruel Sea was the product of the ‘80s, evolving from local Sydney band Sekret Sekret whose 1980 single New King Jack boasted an all too brief surf instrumental Moose Beach as part of its B-side.

  The Cruel Sea’s first release, the 1989 LP/CD DOWN BELOW, featured four instrumentals by Rumour and Elliott, described at the time by one media observer to possess “a distinctive surf twang.” The remaining tunes all featured input from late comer and lead vocalist Tex Perkins, although according to Rumour, most of these had previously existed only as instrumentals.

  With such a pedigree, it was only natural that the “group” as such be represented on DELIGHTFUL RAIN, the “group” in this instance being The Dan Rumour Band, a Byron Bay based quartet comprising Rumour and Elliott of The Cruel Sea and Michael Turner and Nick Larkins of Wild Pumpkins At Midnight. For DELIGHTFUL RAIN, this quartet re-recorded two Cruel Sea classics; the evocative Shadder (from the 1991 CD THIS IS NOT THE WAY HOME) and The Drift (from DOWN BELOW). Both tunes successfully encapsulate the journey of the sound that is Australian surf music.

   In closing, mention should also be made of the exhaustive efforts put into the project by producer Kerryn Tolhurst and sound engineer Mick Wordley whose years of musical experience have provided the DELIGHTFUL RAIN project with its warm ambience and electric vibe. Likewise, the enthusiasm and encouragement of executive producer/creative director David Minear (who conceived the DELIGHTFUL RAIN idea with Tolhurst) should not be overlooked.

   So there you have it, a short course on not only the artists and individuals involved musically with the DELIGHTFUL RAIN project, but an insight into what Australian (surf music) was and still is all about.

  Just as the ocean and the waves exude different moods, so too does Australian surf music, a living breathing form of music that continues to evolve.

When released in October, Delightful Rain is all the proof you need!


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