Delightful Rain
The Story

  An all family affair, brothers Steve, Alan, David, Colin, Philip, Peter and Gavin, have been writing, recording and releasing their brand of “saltwater” sounds since officially forming in 1996. (In fact, their debut LP, an earthy mix of acoustic guitars and vocals, was titled SALTWATER COUNTRY )and effectively reflected their coastal homeland of Broome, Western Australia and a lifestyle not that foreign to surfers willing enough to escape the bounds and burdens of suburbia.

  The Pigrams may not be surfers, but their deep reverence for the ocean and the lifestyle of those who live at its edge can be heard in their version of Richard Clapton’s Blue Bay Blues andunderlines the premise espoused in Alby Falzon’s MORNING OF THE EARTH to not only show the beauty of surfing, but the ocean as well. The very same sentiment was and still is reflected in Peter Howe’s I’m Alive, now a part of both MORNING OF THE EARTH and DELIGHTFUL RAIN.

  In fact, living with and by the ocean, respecting and enjoying what it has to offer, is also a philosophy taken to heart by a new generation of Australian surfer-musicians, two of whom,  Beau Young and Andrew Kidman, were keen to be a part of DELIGHTFUL RAIN.

   Young, the son of Australian surfing legend, Nat Young, abandoned life as a professional surfer to devote his time to his music. His first CDEP, WAVES OF CHANGE, was released in 2004 and was greeted favourably by an audience receptive to his laidback and mellow approach to music. A second release, a multi track CD/DVD collection titled STILL, appeared in early 2006 and once again showcased the young performer’s love of music and surfing, family and friends.

  For DELIGHTFUL RAIN, Young and his small band of surfer friends, D.C., Adam Hennessey and Dean Belcastro acknowledged the influence that MORNING OF THE EARTH has had on surfers and musicians alike by recording an outstanding version of John J. Francis’ quintessential Simple Ben.

   Just as equally obsessed with the ocean and its propensity to deliver “delightful rain” for those skilled enough to drink the elixir, Andrew Kidman has enjoyed an eclectic career as a photographer, filmmaker, musician and writer.  The latter a calling he embarked on when only 15-years-old. Three years later, he was editor of the surfing magazine WAVES and it was here that he met photographer Jon Frank and cartoonist/graphic artist Mark Sutherland (of Gonad Man fame), both fellow surfer-musicians. Together, they eventually formed The Val Dusty Experiment, a musical collective not only responsible for the 1996 surfing film LITMUS, but also for nurturing the more solo ambitions of Kidman, the results of which have been the 2001 CD THE SPACES IN BETWEEN and the 2005 surfing film (and soundtrack CD) GLASS LOVE.

  For DELIGHTFUL RAIN, Kidman provided the rather appropriately titled tune, Remember The Duke, recorded with the input of fellow surfer-musician Neal Purchase Jnr.

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